09/10/2014 12:17 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2014

Is Rupert Murdoch About To Back Scottish Independence?

Pool via Getty Images

The Scottish independence referendum campaign has reached a fever pitch, with seemingly every top politician in Britain who doesn't want Scotland to break away racing north to try to stem a rising tide of support for independence.

But hidden within that fascinating, momentous story is another intriguing wrinkle: will Rupert Murdoch come out for Scotland's independence?

Murdoch is known to be close to the leader of the independence campaign, Alex Salmond, and his Scottish Sun backed Salmond's Scottish National Party in the most recent elections there. Now, with the referendum just over a week away, a series of tweets by Murdoch about independence are drawing scrutiny.

The Scottish Sun has also been notably more hostile to the anti-independence camp than other newspapers. Whether or not Murdoch will have his papers break away from the great bulk of the British establishment and endorse Scottish independence is a story to watch.

Here are some of Murdoch's thoughts on the issue: