09/10/2014 10:18 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2014

'No Man's Job': Inside The Lives Of Senegal's Female Mechanics

Photographer Anthony Kurtz traveled to Senegal in 2011 as a volunteer for the organization Walking Tree and later spent 10 days documenting the lives of female auto mechanics in the capital, Dakar. The women in his series, titled "No Man's Job," are bold and courageous. Kurtz met with the founders of some of the first female-owned autoshops in the country, women who have successfully carved out a path in a world usually dominated by men.

Kurtz describes his subjects as "resilient ... women who don't take no for an answer."

His approach is painter-like. He retouched the images and played with composition and poses. "This project wasn't approached with a journalistic eye as much as an artistic one," Kurtz said. "One that glorifies these women."

No Man's Job by Anthony Kurtz