09/10/2014 12:58 pm ET

Watch Serena Williams At Age 11 Adorably Predict Her Greatness

Footage of Serena Williams at age 11 shows the already wicked strokes she would use to conquer the tennis world.

It also displays her champion's confidence.

In a 1992 interview she and older sister Venus did with "Trans World Sport," the precocious Serena was asked what player she would like to be. "I'd like other people to be like me," she answered.

The clip, revisited recently by a few outlets, produced a few other crystal ball moments as well, with dad Richard Williams forecasting that Serena would be better than Venus, and that both would win the biggest tournaments.

The latter turned out to be a modest prediction. Serena's dominating U.S. Open victory last week -- her third straight -- was her 18th major singles title. The sisters have won 25 Grand Slam singles championships combined.

h/t Elite Daily



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