09/11/2014 12:13 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

Kelly Ripa Has One BIG Question About iPhone 6

Kelly Ripa just made us see the iPhone in a whole new way.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Wednesday they made sure one thing was clear: it's big. Like really big. But Ripa, like many of us, was still a bit confused by this. How big is really big??

It's hard to visualize the actual new length of the iPhone without seeing it in person. So Ripa thought, hey, let's compare it to penis sizes instead!

"Do you have anything on you that might indicate what 5.5 inches looks like?" Ripa asked her male guest.

But when shown the approximate size of the iPhone on a ruler, Ripa wasn't impressed.

"Well that's very underwhelming," she said. "Is this the extra large? I want the extra large."

You can watch the video above to see the full clip. But honestly, we'd rather listen to her iPhone penis jokes than have her do this again. (Sorry for making you relive that.)

(h/t: Gawker)