09/11/2014 08:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Miley Cyrus Does Fashion Week In The Most Miley Cyrus Way Possible

The Fashion Week collaboration we've been waiting for came and conquered.

Miley Cyrus and designer Jeremy Scott, who designs for Moschino and his own line, debuted their elaborate collaboration on Wednesday, featuring clothes by Scott and accessories by Cyrus. The pop star named her accessories collection "Dirty Hippie," and trust us when we say there was a lot going on.

miley cyrus jeremy scott

Scott's collection looked like a '70s kaleidoscope of color with mixed floral prints and patchwork. There was also an effortless surfer vibe on display as male models sported shoulder-length, tousled blonde hair.

Cyrus' collection only added to the chaos -- the celeb accessorized Scott's looks with EDM-inspired beaded jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and headpieces complete with marijuana leaves and furry pom-poms. Time magazine called Cyrus' pieces a "high-DIY-project." The Guardian said her accessories looked "like they're made of kids' toys."

The jewelry collection, alongside sculptures and other pieces, will be on display at V Magazine's office in New York City. Cyrus said her work was inspired from her fans, her tour, and turning what she called "shitty" moments from 2014 into something positive.

Take a look at the outrageous collection below.

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott


Miley Cyrus Art