09/11/2014 06:45 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

PSA: Olive Garden Says You Can't Share Or Sell Your Pasta Pass

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Olive Garden’s sold out, seven-week-long unlimited pasta pass promotion just hit its first big hump -- if eating Olive Garden for nearly two months wasn't already considered an obstacle.

After all 1,000 of the company's limited edition, $100 "Never Ending Pasta Passes" were sold within hours on Monday, dozens of lucky pass-holders decided to capitalize by turning to eBay.

There's just one big problemo: Olive Garden says the passes are “non-transferable and may not be re-sold."

As of Thursday afternoon, 48 passes were up for auction on eBay, many listed at prices between $150-500. Fortunately for those who already purchased a pass on the secondary market, Olive Garden says it’s willing to be flexible to ensure pasta-lovers aren't turned away.

"The cards are personalized and not transferable; however, hospitality is core to who we are, which is why we'll work with anyone who's purchased a card on eBay to ensure they enjoy Never Ending Pasta Bowl,” spokeswoman Tara Gray, of Olive Garden’s parent company Darden Restaurants, told CNBC. “I'd encourage those guests to reach out to us directly via phone or social media."

Not one of the few prized passholders? There's still hope. Olive Garden says it's planning to distribute even more passes through social media in coming weeks.