09/12/2014 09:02 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2014

These Amazing Art Illusions Prove Paper Can Be Anything But Basic

Think paper is basic? Think again.

Yulia Brodskaya manages to turn paper into fantastical, illusionary artworks that come to life. A graphic designer and illustrator who has worked with companies from Neiman Marcus and Hermes to Starbucks and Bentley, her expertise is using glue and bent strips of colorful paper in a technique known as "quilling." However, she has managed to take it to another level.

"I don't always call it quilling because I have actually discovered a new way of using the basic technique," she told The Huffington Post via email. "I work with paper strips as if I'm drawing with paper instead of on it. Traditional quilling is constrained by the use of basic shapes, so it is a bit different ... I made it [cooler], modern, gave this paper craft a new life."

On her website, Brodskaya further explains how she has mastered the process:

Initially, I was concerned about the limitations of the quilling technique and the material from which the work is constructed -- paper and card -- as it very much dictates what can and cannot be said within the boundaries of the chosen medium. However, this material limitation turned out to be a strength for me: there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in unique ways so that the medium can become a significant part of the message. Thus, after working with paper quilling for over three years, I am at a point where I don't feel constrained by the technical challenges of the medium; I'm eager to keep experimenting, and this piece is just a beginning.

Brodskaya has experimented with tropical fish and Candy Crush themes. Right now, she's particularly interested in capturing elderly people in her artworks. She told HuffPost that she's intrigued by the subject of old age and death, and looks through photographs for inspiration.

"I'm looking for more unusual ways of depicting an aged person [like] showcasing his [or] her interests or objects or situations in addition to just portraying the faces on their own," she said. "Another reason is material/technique related. The edge-glued paper strips are a great way of depicting the wrinkles, so it is a bonus."

Check out some of Brodskaya's works below. Visit her Facebook page to see more.

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Amazing Art Illusions Prove Paper Can Be Anything But Basic