09/11/2014 09:33 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

‘Clothing Doesn't Protect Women From Disrespect'

Dear Kate

Sitting at a table typing on their computers, our models for the Ada Collection at Dear Kate were actually working while being photographed for our latest lookbook. Consistent with our previous lookbooks, we featured women who we admire because of who they are and what they do, not only how they look. While we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the Ada campaign, not everyone agrees that women in technology were an appropriate choice as models.

As an underwear company, it is necessary to show women wearing our products. In an industry where models are traditionally shown lounging with their mouths in sexy pouts, we show the opposite. At Dear Kate, we show women who aren’t waiting for someone else to call the shots. They are making things happen on their own, which makes sense given that our line is much more than just pretty underwear.

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