09/11/2014 02:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nobody Loves Getting The Mail More Than This Adorable Little Girl

Kids get so excited about the simplest thing -- like the wrapping paper from their birthday gifts or going to the mailbox.

The latter is certainly true for 3-year-old Clementine Luella Flowers, who loves getting the mail so much that she's made an adorable daily ritual out of it. When she gets back to her house in Dallas, Texas after school, Clementine changes into a cute costume, rushes out to the mailbox, and ceremoniously retrieves the family's mail, The Dallas Morning News reports. The costumes range from princess dresses to superhero capes to a full Buzz Lightyear getup.

Clementine's mom Erin Piper-Flowers has been documenting her costumes on Instagram with the hashtag #whatweweartocheckthemail. “This was definitely her idea,” Piper-Flowers told ABC News. “She doesn’t usually get to wear everything she wants to at school." We suspect the mom may have influenced her daughter's love for dressing up. Piper-Flowers owned a vintage and custom clothing store for 12 years, before landing a job as a senior fashion stylist for Neiman Marcus Last Call, The Dallas Morning News reports.

The little girl's dad Paul Flowers also had a hand in inspiring his daughter's mailbox ritual. “My husband’s thing has always been checking the mail, so it became her thing to go out there with him to chat with the neighbors,” the mom explained to ABC News.

The neighbors have even gotten in on the mail festivities. “Some of the neighbors find costumes and unique things for her to play in at estate sales or garage sales and bring them to her,” Piper-Flowers told The Dallas Morning News. “Most of what she has is used.”

Used or not, we can't help but marvel at this little girl's impressive costume collection.

(hat tip: Yahoo)

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