09/11/2014 02:39 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

Tom Brokaw Says His Cancer 'Appears To Be Gone' and He's 'Doing Fine'

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Tom Brokaw has remained extremely optimistic throughout his battle against cancer, and the former "NBC Nightly News" anchor shared some more good news about his recovery Thursday morning.

Brokaw revealed in February that he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow. Despite the diagnosis, Brokaw continued to call himself "the luckiest guy I know." While undergoing chemotherapy in the following months, Brokaw said that his doctors believed treatment would be "successful" and that he knows he is "going to have a big life going on from here."

He echoed that same courage on Thursday while guest co-hosting the "Today" show with Matt Lauer. Brokaw told viewers that not only is he "doing fine," but his cancer "appears to be gone."

"I've gotten some very good news in the last week," he said. "I hope that within six weeks, I can be on a drug maintenance program. The myeloma appears to be gone. I've got one more marker to get down to 0-0, and I'll be all right."

Brokaw explained that although the cancer will never be completely gone, it seems to be under control and can be managed.

"As I've said before, I'm a lucky guy," he said.

Watch the video above to see the full clip from "Today."

(h/t: USA TODAY)