09/12/2014 07:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Designer Dad Saves The Day With His SuperLunchNotes

Gone are the days of boring lunches. Now, some kids see bananas turned into penguins, Spiderman salads, and sandwich bag rocket ships during lunchtime. In our Lunch Art series, we talk to the parents behind the art and put their work on display.

This creative parent puts superhero-themed #superlunchnotes in his preschooler's lunch each day and shares his creations on Instagram.

Name of Project: SuperLunchNotes

Artist: Graphic designer, illustrator and father Brent Almond aka Designer Daddy

Lunch Art Recipient: Brent's preschool-age son, JJ

When It All Began: In November 2013, Almond shared his first #superlunchnote on his blog, and wrote, "My son started preschool this year, and I wanted to do something special for his first day."

Better buy more Sharpies: "I’m never going to be my son’s sports idol," he adds in the blog post. "I don’t have vast carpentry or mechanical or bronco-busting skills to pass down to him. What I have is my love of superheroes and my talent for doodling. This is my way to instill in him a love of those things, and to keep being his superhero for as long as possible. Or until all my Sharpies run out."

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