09/13/2014 08:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Video Allegedly Shows Philadelphia Park Ranger Erron Williams Fighting Skateboarder

Newly unearthed video apparently contradicts a Philadelphia park ranger who said he didn't fight back against a skateboarding teen who allegedly beat him.

Erron Williams, a ranger at Philly's Love Park, testified last week that he only tried to protect himself against Curtis Tanner punching and kicking him. But a 15-second Instagram video published Friday by the Philadelphia Daily News claims to show Williams taking several swings at the teen.

"I'm about to fuck you up," says a man in a tan or light-colored uniform before cocking his fists and throwing a few punches in the grainy footage. The other man, allegedly Tanner, was also recorded throwing a punch.

The footage raises questions about the accuracy of Williams' testimony last week when he said "I'm not trying to have no confrontation," and "I'm just trying to get him off me."

The fight started on Aug. 15 after Williams says he confronted Tanner and two others for violating the park's no-skateboarding rule.

A tourist recorded video showing a skateboarder punching and kicking a park ranger after knocking him to the ground. In that clip, the ranger tries blocking the attacker's kicks and punches. Other young skateboarders hover nearby during the beating.

Tanner, 19, faces assault charges, but the district attorney's office "will carefully review the video and all other information in this case and proceed accordingly," a DA spokeswoman told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The suspect remains jailed on $10,000 bond.

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