09/14/2014 10:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christy Mack Shares Recovery Photos After Alleged Assault By MMA Fighter War Machine

Porn star Christy Mack, who was beaten last month in an assault allegedly carried out by her ex-boyfriend War Machine, shared photos of her recovery and released a statement on both Twitter and Instagram on Sunday.

The images show her two days after the Aug. 8 beating, two weeks later, four weeks later and on Saturday night as she attended a charity event.

"While my face is starting to look decent again from the swelling going down, it is still not my own," she wrote. "Cutting what was left of my hair off, and losing 15 lbs(it's a lot when you're 5'1") made me feel even further away from myself. It's hard to look in the mirror every day and see someone you do not know."

But dressing up and putting on makeup on Saturday "made me feel more normal, and beautiful for the first time in a very long time."

She said the event was for Face Forward, a charity that helps pay for reconstructive surgeries for victims of violence. However, she said her own procedures are not being covered by the organization but are being donated by other doctors.

So far, she's had several dental treatments and has several more to go. She also needs work on her nose, which suffered fractures in multiple places and "shifted on the inside and out causing breathing issues."

She added that her top lip is expected to regain movement in less than six months and that she's "looking forward to using straws again."

War Machine, who legally changed his name from Jonathan Koppenhaver, fled and spent a week on the run after allegedly assaulting Mack. He was arrested in California on Aug. 15 and extradited to Las Vegas, where earlier this month he pleaded not guilty to 32 charges, including kidnapping, coercion, burglary, sexual assault, battery, strangulation and two counts of attempted murder.

Last week, KSNV reported that police responded to the wrong home when Mack first called 911 and the phone disconnected. The person living at that address tried to direct police to the right home, but they didn't follow up.

After a second 911 call from a neighbor, it took police 17 minutes to respond -- or 2 hours and 23 minutes after Mack's original disconnected 911 call, the station said, citing sources close to the investigation.

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