09/15/2014 07:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

There Is Almost Never A Good Time To Check Your Email

Don't check your email first thing when you wake up. -- HuffPost


Don't check your email during the first 10 minutes of getting to work either. -- Business Insider

email 3

Actually don't bother checking email during the first hour of your workday. -- Fast Company

email 3

Definitely don't check your email at lunch. -- Forbes

email 4

And don't check it more than once an hour. -- Business Insider

email 5

Don't check your email in meetings. -- Forbes

email 6

And don't check it while walking. -- Wall Street Journal

email 7

You shouldn't check your email at the end of work. -- Forbes

email 8

Or at the dinner table. -- Wall Street Journal

dinner table

Definitely don't check your email when you're around your kids. -- NPR


Or basically at all after work. -- Washington Post


No email in bed either. -- Medium

in bed

Or on weekends. -- Lifehacker


And of course, don't check your email during sex. -- WebMD


But other than that, it's totally fine.