09/16/2014 09:39 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2014

Corgi And Wolf Cub Are Totally Wild About Each Other

Something tells us that if Lorne the wolf cub had a pack, he'd invite Cordy the Corgi to join.

In the video above, the two frolic like the best of pals upon meeting each other for the first time. Lorne's adoptive owner, Alex Komechak, told The Huffington Post they were traveling cross-country earlier in the summer when they dropped in on a pal and her corgi in a Chicago suburb.

Lorne and Cordy got along "almost instantly," Komechak said. But it turned out to be just one day of fun for these two fast friends.

"Sadly, they have never visited each other since, because of the distance between them (Lorne in Arizona and Cordy in Illinois). But I am sure they will be reunited eventually," Komechak wrote.

Komechak, whose Camels and Friends property near Tucson, Arizona, recently took in a mink rescue, said Lorne was adopted from the North Georgia Zoo, where the animal had been part of a wolf awareness program. Komechak hopes that Lorne can be trained to "introduce people to a very misunderstood animal."

Check out another video of Lorne and Cordy, below:

h/t Laughing Squid