09/16/2014 03:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eric Matthew Frein Named Suspect In PA State Police Ambush

Authorities in Pennsylvania have identified Eric Matthew Frein as the lone suspect in the deadly ambush of two state troopers outside the Blooming Grove barracks.

State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan identified Frein as the suspect during a Tuesday afternoon media briefing.

According to Noonan, Frein, 31, of Candensis, is a survivalist who has previously expressed a desire to commit multiple murders.

"He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also to commit mass acts of murder," Noonan said. "What his reasons are, we don't know, but he has very strong feelings about law enforcement and seems to be very angry with a lot of things that go on in our society."

Frein was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder and a number of other offenses, Noonan said.

The troopers, Alex Douglass and Byron Dickson, were ambushed during a shift change, at about 10:50 p.m. Friday. Dickson was killed in the attack. Douglass remains hospitalized Tuesday.

Noonan said Frein's jeep was found partially submerged in a wooded area on Friday, not far from the scene of the shooting. Additionally, ammunition casings found inside the vehicle allegedly matched casings found at the scene of the shooting, police said.

Noonan said Frein, who's current whereabouts are unknown, should be considered "extremely dangerous."

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