09/16/2014 04:23 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2014

Why Ryan Guzman Says Jennifer Lopez Is ‘An Energizer Bunny'

It turns out seducing Jennifer Lopez is quite simple -- just follow the script.

That’s more or less how Ryan Guzman approached his sex scene with the Nuyorican star in Rob Cohen’s upcoming thriller “The Boy Next Door.” When asked how someone manages to seduce J.Lo, the “Step-Up” heartthrob recently admitted to Variety Latino that he’s still not quite sure.

“I’m still looking to find that out, I don’t know,” Guzman said with a laugh during the on camera interview. “It’s written in the script, it said kiss her and seduce her, so I said ‘alright’.”

In the film, Claire (Lopez) is a recently divorced high school teacher who falls into temptation after meeting her son’s friend Noah (Guzman). A very passionate night, however, turns into Claire’s worst nightmare when the boy next door becomes obsessed and dangerous.

Off-screen, however, Guzman and Lopez were on very good terms.

“You learn so much when you work with Jennifer Lopez ‘cause she just does everything,” Guzman continued. “While we were filming she was writing a book, she was working on her album, she was doing ‘American Idol’ and still being a mom of two. I was like ‘Jen, you need to slow down you’re going to tire yourself out,’ but that woman is an Energizer bunny. She just never stops, and I learned that that work ethic is why she’s made it to where she is.”

“The Boy Next Door” was produced by Jason Blum (“The Purge,” “Paranormal Activity”) with a script written by Barbara Curry. The micro-budget movie also includes Kristin Chenoweth as Claire’s close and John Corbett as the ex-husband and is set to premiere January 2015.

During an interview on Chelsea Lately last month, the late night host asked J.Lo about whether she preferred dating older or younger men.

"I date mostly my age, but then I dated one younger guy," Lopez said, referring to her recent relationship with 27-year-old dancer Casper Smart. “I just go on a connection with a person. I don't really plan things out, they just happen."

"Maybe I need to plan better," Lopez added with a laugh.



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