09/17/2014 10:41 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2014

Man Attempts To Rob Traveler At Gunpoint, Gets Caught On GoPro

A traveler in Argentina claims he was recently the victim of an attempted armed robbery, and he apparently caught the whole terrifying exchange on his GoPro.

In the video above, watch as Alex Hennessy, a Canadian videographer who has been touring the world as he films a travel docu-series called "Global Degree," is approached by a man with a gun on the streets of La Boca, Buenos Aires. Hennessy had been bicycling as part of a bike tour at the time of the incident and had a GoPro strapped to his helmet.

Hennessy wrote on Reddit Wednesday that he believes the gunman was interested in the camera gear he had strapped to the outside of his backpack. The gear, he said, was worth about $4,000.

"I was playing stupid gringo for sure," he wrote of the encounter. "I knew he wanted the backpack but I figured I could talk around it. Then when he chased me down I realized that I had to give it him but it took too long and then there was a lot of attention being brought to the situation."

Hennessy says he was able to get away from the gunman unscathed and with all his possessions intact.

According to the Facebook page for "Global Degree," the footage captured on Hennessy's GoPro was later handed over to police. Hennessy says he was told that the man in the video was arrested soon after.



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