09/18/2014 09:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hillary Clinton's Every Move Is Attracting Insane Media Attention

The media is obsessed with Hillary Clinton. How obsessed? Obsessed enough to send hundreds of reporters literally running across an empty Iowa field to capture the thrilling sight of the prospective presidential candidate...grilling steak.

CNN's Peter Hamby (who was, of course, also at the scene) captured the insanity in a new edition of his online video series about the 2016 campaign. Clinton was in Iowa for Sen. Tom Harkin's annual "steak fry," where she dropped lots of hints about a run for the presidency.

Here's what it looked like as professional reporters who could be doing other things with their time raced to see the steak:

hillary clinton

The insanity didn't end with the nerd equivalent of the running of the bulls, as Hamby described:

One reporter got whacked in the head with the butt of a big television camera. Another photographer dramatically toppled off his ladder while straining to get a shot. It was a little absurd.

Clearly, Clinton's insanely long book tour wasn't enough to quench the media's thirst for Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. The press obsession with her stop at the steak fry also raises the slightly terrifying question of what it will look like if she actually starts running for president.