09/18/2014 07:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 IKEA Before-And-Afters That Make Our Jaws Drop

It's no secret that IKEA can provide some fantastic building blocks for a home (HEMNES bedroom set anyone?). But with with a few coats of the perfect paint and new hardware, those same Swedish-superstore building blocks can be taken to truly unrecognizable levels. And the before-and-afters below aren't just proof of that -- they're the reason you'll be saying, "That's IKEA?!" over and over again.

From flat fur to dimensional duvet...

ikea hack 1
Courtesy of @classyclutter

From boring basic to artistic armoire...

ikea hack 2
Courtesy of @hellolidy

From short and silver to gold and glamorous...

ikea hack 3
Courtesy of @akitkat

From utility trolley to dream bar cart...

ikea hack 4
Courtesy of @ll_martin

From nesting tables to stunning ottoman...

ikea hack 5
Courtesy of @melodramablog

From blasé bookshelf to bold bench...

ikea hack 6
Courtesy of @aninand

From simple stool to superbly stenciled...

ikea hack 7
Courtesy of @thislittlestreet

From rough edges to gilded corners...

ikea hack 8
Courtesy of @fairefroufrou

From lackluster seat to dramatic dining chair...

ikea hack 9
Courtesy of @maggieoverbystudios

From poorly plain to polka-dotted...

ikea hack 10
Courtesy of @wondermade_decals

From standard black to trendy metallics...

ikea hack 11
Courtesy of @melodramablog

From woodsy fabric to artsy headboard...

ikea hack 12
Courtesy of @crafthunter

From necessary shelving to beautiful storage...

ikea hack 13
Courtesy of @tracyxo_

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