09/18/2014 09:50 am ET

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Donated My Eggs So I Could Travel The World

Cavan Images via Getty Images

When I tell people I'm traveling for over a year, more often than not they ask how I can afford to do so. "Are you wealthy?" they inquire. I laugh and assure them that I am not. Travel doesn't have to be expensive, but when I made the decision to leave my life behind and start this journey, the one hitch was that I had to save as much money as possible in a relatively short period of time. I had some money saved and put myself on a strict budget to reduce my spending as much as possible. In nearly a year, I could save enough. The problem was that I didn't have a year; I was planning to leave in a few short months.

Luckily, I had another option that would allow me to earn a large sum of money in a relatively short amount of time...and it was legal.

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