09/18/2014 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We Tasted Surge Soda So You Don't Have To

Surge soda returned to the e-shelves on Monday and people are reacting as though Coca-Cola brought back their childhood. Which it kind of did.

Though the ingredients haven't really changed, we questioned the taste. After a mysterious box of Surge appeared in the HuffPost offices, we decided to conduct a Surge Taste Test.

Gulping down the green drink, which contains roughly 230 calories and 50 milligrams of sodium per can, wasn't pretty, but it was definitely worth it just to say we got to sip the 90s again.

Here are our reactions to Surge:

“Tastes like 3 am Dungeons & Dragons with a hint of no girlfriend." -Andy McDonald

"Subtle hints of citrus and lime, with a nutty finish that doesn't overwhelm the palate. Just kidding." -Ben Hart

"I'm sorry. I can't try this. It looks like poison." -Kate Bratskeir.

“If you melted down green freeze pops, this is what you would be left with.” -Samantha Toscano

"Surge is like what would happen if Mountain Dew and Sprite had a baby that they didn't feel like heavily carbonating." -Jenna Amatulli


"Nostalgia never tasted so good." -Marc Janks

"Tastes like creme de menthe and water. It actually looks less appealing than Mountain Dew." -Buck Wolf

"This tastes sort of like sweeter Sprite, and is probably best as cold as humanly possible." -Hilary Hanson

"Tastes like Sprite, but less fizzy. The intense green color makes me feel like I'm drinking something from another planet... still waiting for my energy surge." -Suzy Strutner

"This didn't need to be brought back. It's just not that good and its color is upsetting." -Simon McCormack

“The toxic green color tricked my brain into thinking it tastes like green apple, but upon thinking, it actually just tastes like a vague citrusy sugar flavor. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't voluntarily drink this again." -Kristen Aiken

The one bonus we can think of? It's kinda low in sodium. Enjoy!

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