09/18/2014 05:49 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2014

Where We Left Off And What To Expect On 'The Good Wife'

"The Good Wife" is finally back, and with any luck, Season 6 will be less frustrating than its predecessor. To get all caught up and ready for Sunday's premiere, let's relive all the turmoil at Lockhart/Gardner... and Florrick/Agos.

Alicia and Carey and a handful of other fourth-year associates finally decided to form their own firm, and the first 14 episodes of the season consist solely of plotlines that pit them against Lockhart/Gardner. Each week we watched as both firms vied for clients and debated how low they would sink to beat each other as opposing counsel. They worked tirelessly to erode the bond and respect once shared between Will and Alicia.

It was an exhausting, not a particularly enjoyable viewing experience, if we're being real. But that all changed with the sudden and unexpected death of Will Gardner, who was shot by his client, Jeffery Grant, in open court.

The remaining episodes of the Season 5 reminded us why "The Good Wife" is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television.

After Will's death, the show took a dramatic turn away from the nonstop pettiness and squabbling. Alicia reconnected with Diane after Will's funeral and they considered merging their firms. Alicia dealt with Will's death by pushing her husband Peter away, while also reaching out to Finn Polmar, the prosecutor in the Jeffery Grant case. She convinced him to run for state’s attorney so he couldn't be fired by the current state’s attorney looking to use him as a scapegoat for Will's death.

Then there was the whole NSA storyline and a Silk Road-Bitcoin case. Additionally, the wonderfully creepy Colin Sweeney made yet another appearance. Oh, and we can't forget that photo of Finn leaving Alicia's apartment that State's Attorney Castro brought to Peter and Eli as ammo to save his own campaign.

In the season finale, Diane pulled a big twist and -- rather than merging firms -- straight up asked for Florrick/Agos to take her on, along her her $38 million per year in client billing. (Yeah, that's right. Take that, David Lee and Louis Canning.)

But things couldn't end just there, of course. Eli had to ask Alicia, "Would you want to run for state’s attorney?" Then it all faded to black, and we spent the last few months waiting, to hear Alicia's answer.

What's To Come In Season 6
Season 6 picks up right where we left off in Season 5, show creator Michelle King told E! News. "We're not slowing down for even a moment. We're barreling right ahead with our story," she said.

CBS has released a few clips from the premiere and we have our answer.


Alicia does not want to run for state's attorney. "I'm never saying yes," she says. Well that's done. Or is it?

In another clip, Diane is negotiating the terms of joining the firm with Alicia. She has 45 clients she plans to bring with her and it sounds like viewers can expect another season of battling it out with Lockheart/Gardner or whatever her old firm inevitably renames itself.

Season 6 of "The Good Wife" premieres Sunday, Sept. 21, at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS (and will likely be delayed due to whatever football game is on, as always).



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