09/19/2014 09:11 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2014

Good Men Don't Let Women Get Raped. So Why Aren't You Guys Doing Enough?

Jeff Swensen via Getty Images

What are we supposed to be doing?

A young man asked me this the other day, on the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey, about the role of men in stopping rape.

I speak to a lot of young women at colleges across the United States this time of year, but I speak to a lot of young men, too. And the vast majority of college-age guys and twenty-something men I meet are engaged and smart about women’s issues – men, too, are horrified by sexual violence. Men don’t think rape is OK, or funny, or something to be taken lightly. Many men have witnessed (or experienced) domestic or sexual violence firsthand; these are issues that have touched – and hurt – their lives as well.

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