09/19/2014 08:53 am ET

Typography Spotted In Uncommon Places (PHOTOS)

Piotr Gajewski Grzegorz Samson

If you've ever acquainted yourself with the histories of the most commonly used typefaces, you're likely already a little enamored with typography -- that a tail on the tip of a letter can greatly enhance the speed at which you can read the text it comprises is certainly a fascinating factoid for the word nerds among us.

Readers especially might be prone to preferring certain fonts over others, but as graphic designers Steven Heller and Gail Anderson point out in their new illustrated collection, typography isn't just for those who spend their days swimming in text. Lettering can be found in your living room, your garden, and scores of other unexpected places.

The below 9 images, excerpted from The Typographic Universe, blend lettering and typefaces with everyday forms and found objects:

When Typography And Life Meet