09/21/2014 11:00 am ET Updated Sep 22, 2014

Power Says Other Nations Will Join The U.S. In Airstrikes In Syria

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said Sunday that other nations would likely join the U.S. in airstrikes to target Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIL, in Syria.

ABC's "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos pointed out that not even the British government has agreed to join so far, making it increasingly likely that the U.S. would be going it alone if it proceeds with airstrikes in Syria.

"I will make you a prediction, George, which is that we will not do the airstrikes alone if the president decides to do the airstrikes," said Power.

Stephanopoulos also asked whether the U.S. would go forward with airstrikes without authorization from the United Nations Security Council.

Power noted that Secretary of State John Kerry convened a meeting of the Security Council on Friday, which she said "showcased just how much support there is on the Security Council and in the broader international community for the anti-ISIL effort."

Whether the U.S. would proceed without the approval of the Security Council "will depend on the facts and circumstances of any particular strike in Syria, but we have the legal basis we need," said Power.

Stephanopoulos also asked Power about Kerry's comments on Friday that even Iran would have a role to play in fighting Islamic State. Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has called the United States' effort against the group "ridiculous."

"Let me be clear, we are not coordinating with Iran," said Power. "We are not sharing intelligence with Iran. Iran has said that ISIL is its enemy, but by the same token Iran has supported Hezbollah and the Assad regime, an Assad regime that has not targeted ISIL with any sincerity or intensity over the years and indeed has been complicit receiving oil revenue from ISIL or buying oil from ISIL when they take over the fields.

"So, [Syrian President Bashar] Assad is not a reliable partner in the fight against ISIL for us," she continued. "And we would urge Iran actually to use its leverage over that regime in order to change its tactics and bring about the political solution we need to really get at one of the root causes of this crisis."

Power also said President Barack Obama will convene a meeting of heads of state on Wednesday to focus on the issue of "foreign terrorist fighters."



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