09/22/2014 04:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Neel Kashkari Slams Jerry Brown As The ‘Coddled Prince Of Sacramento'


Things got personal during California gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari’s speech Sunday when the GOP challenger called out Gov. Jerry Brown (D) as a privileged “prince.”

At the semiannual convention of California Republican Party delegates in Los Angeles, first-time candidate and former banker Kashkari described Brown as far-removed from the struggles of working families.

“Daddy gave him his political career, Daddy gave him millions of dollars,” Kashkari said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “You know the one thing Daddy couldn't give to him ... courage,” Kashkari said, describing Brown as the “coddled prince of Sacramento.”

The governor's father, the late Edmund “Pat” Brown, served two terms as California attorney general and two terms as governor in the 1950s and 1960s.

“We’re 44 out of 50 states for jobs, No. 1 for poverty ... and Jerry Brown looks at that and has the nerve to declare the 'California Comeback,’” Kashkari continued. “It’s almost as if he tattooed the words 'out of touch’ on his forehead.”

The speech, which made appeals to the poor and multiracial voters, was met with a standing ovation at the GOP gathering, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"It's the type of message that works well with swing voters," Cerritos, California, delegate Matt Kauble told the Times.

Still, the polls are not running in favor of Kashkari, a former official in the U.S. Treasury Department who helped lead the federal bank bailout and came in second to Brown in the state's open primary in June. The two will face off again in November's general election.

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