09/22/2014 02:59 pm ET

WATCH LIVE: The Ukraine Crisis -- What's Next For Europe?


The Ukraine Crisis: What’s Next for Europe?

“Security is like oxygen--you tend not to notice it until you begin to lose it, but once that occurs there is nothing else that you will think about.” – Dr. Jospeh Nye, Foreign Affairs, July/August 1995

The Ukraine crisis has brought to fore the existential threats facing Europe. The question of what steps are needed to maintain and enhance European security has taken on renewed urgency, both among foreign policy experts and in the wider public.

In this keynote event of the 2014 Summit on the Future of Europe, Carl Bildt and Mario Monti will address the most pressing threats facing the European continent, and discuss what policy options are open to countering them. Some of the issues that will be explored include, should European leaders confront or co-opt Russia? How can Europe overcome the danger posed by the continent’s continued reliance on Russian gas? In light of America’s isolationist temptations, can NATO-members count on the solidarity of the United States in case of armed conflict? For that matter, can Central and Eastern European nations count on the solidarity of their Western neighbors?

The event will be broadcast live over the web. A discussion with Professor Grzegorz Ekiert (Director of Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies) and a Q&A session with students will follow the keynote address.

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