09/24/2014 11:20 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2014

Why All Women Should Go Vote This Election Season, Explained In A Makeup Tutorial

"First step is foundation. I'm using a shade called 'rhetoric' by 'condescending politician.' It feels so good to be slapped in the face with rhetoric by a condescending politician. I love how valid I feel right now."

Megan MacKay, the comedian behind the powerful Ray Rice-inspired makeup tutorial, is now using her mad beautification skills to tackle politics -- specifically how important it is for women to get out and vote.

In her latest video, MacKay brings up some of the issues at stake during the midterm elections, like access to safe abortion and contraception, and equal pay, reminding us why who we vote into office really, really matters.

"I'm sealing my foundation in today with a pressed powder called 'not a doctor,'" MacKay explains. "So wherever you applied 'condescending politician,' add a light dusting of 'not a doctor' and remind yourself that some politicians frequently make medically inaccurate assumptions about your body's needs."

In the end, she perfectly sums up just why the Beyoncé Voters demo -- and all women -- should ignore the haters and exercise their democratic right.

"For lips, I'm using my favorite shade, Independent Woman. Because b*tch, Beyonce outearned her husband last year. She doesn't need to rely on anybody, and she asks for what she wants ... On voting day, don't let other people speak for you."

See you at the polls, y'all.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]



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