09/24/2014 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

After Deliveryman Gets Injured In Crash, Police Make Sure Both Justice And Pizza Are Served

When cops showed up at their doorway, this Portland, Oregon, couple couldn't help but laugh -- and for a very good reason.

After a Pizza Hut driver was injured in a car crash on his way to a delivery earlier this month, Officers Royce Curtiss and Michael Filbert, who responded to the accident, offered to finish the job for him. They brought the pizza to surprised customers Steve and Ginger Huckins, who knew they needed to commemorate the moment, KOIN6 reported.

"They turned to leave and I said, 'Wait, I want a picture. Nobody will believe me that the police would deliver that pizza,'" Steve told The couple then shared the picture on social media.

Steve said that he was happy to post the photo so the cops could receive some praise for their simple act of kindness.

"I wanted these officers to get a little bit of a recognition because they went above and beyond, because I feel police get criticized too much," Steve told Fox12.

The Huckinses had already received a hand-delivered pizza from the restaurant manager after their food hadn't showed up, and were just about to dig into their meal when the officers arrived with the original pie, KOIN6 reported. "We just started laughing," Steve told Fox12 of his initial reaction after seeing law enforcement holding a pizza.

Though Steve says he isn't looking for attention from the photo, he hopes that the buzz will spotlight the good that officers do.

"It exploded," Huckins told "I’m just amazed. I’m just a 40-hour-a-week working man. I don’t want the attention. The cops deserve it."

And as for the deliveryman, he hurt his back and neck in the crash but is going to be OK.

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