09/24/2014 09:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Strook's Striking Street Art Captures The Geometric Romance Between Wood And Paint

We weren't exactly looking for a reminder that any space can be transformed into a spontaneous canvas with a little artistic loving, but then again, we're not complaining.

Today's work of street art inspiration comes courtesy of Belgium-based artist Stefaan De Croock, also known as Strook. His piece, titled "Wood & Paint" is a geometric ode to recycled wood and spray paint, rendered as an unusual type of love story.

Wood & Paint from Stefaan De Croock on Vimeo.

Strook renders two human faces gazing into each other's eyes. On the first face, the wood is the shining material, with paint occasionally covering the surface while still revealing the complexity of the texture beneath. On the other face, however, paint is the prized material. All wooden surfaces are covered in piercing pigment, allowing the colors to really pop.

The love story between wood and paint is one all street art lovers can get behind. Let's call it a romcom for the world of street art; and it's all recyclable. Check out the making of the piece above.


h/t DesignTaxi



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