09/25/2014 05:32 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2014

The Most Canadian Reason Not To Deliver A Package: 'Bear At Door'

"And if I could just have your claw mark here, indicating receipt of the package?"

So might go a conversation with a postman in Canada, who left this note at a house in British Columbia in lieu of a package to explain why the parcel couldn't be delivered: "Bear at Door."

The courier left the note at the man's postal box up the street -- far away from his door.

Judging by the original tweet, the parcel's recipient didn't fault the courier for the delayed delivery. But a follow-up tweet from Canada Post indicates they're looking into the matter further:

While Canadian postal workers contend with bears, and their American couriers remain vigilant for dogs, their British counterparts have also been known to encounter odd animals of their own.

Last year, a post officer in England had to contend with an escaped chicken, kindly leaving a note explaining the situation to the homeowner:


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