09/25/2014 08:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Guy Puts iPhone 6 Plus In A Blender, Destroys iPhone 6 Plus

There's been a lot of outrage this week over reports of the iPhone 6 Plus' apparent bendability. But here's the real question: what's its blendability like?

In the video above, the good people at Blendtec sought to answer that very question. Yes, the review channel -- which has been known to pulverize everything from tablets and e-readers to flowers and Old Spice -- actually put the iPhone 6 Plus through a blend test, along with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

And yes, a blend test is precisely what it sounds like.


Though the iPhone 6 Plus seemed to hold up for a tad bit longer than the Galaxy Note 3 in this blend test, both phones were ultimately reduced to piles of dust.


If you're starting to feel bad for the poor iPhone 6 Plus, that's understandable. In recent days, Apple's new phablet has been dropped from high up in the sky, hit with a sledgehammer and shot at with a gun. Not the greatest week.

But really, the take-home message from all these experiments is clear. While your phone may bend, that's no reason to shoot at it, strike at it with heavy tools or blend it. Have some common sense for heaven's sake!



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