09/26/2014 12:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How A Midwest Thunderstorm Resulted In Magical Engagement Photos

There are certain moments in our lives -- vacations, wedding days, family picnics -- when rain is basically the worst thing ever. But once in a while, the rain we dread so much creates a memory we never saw coming.

This was the case for Jeff and Jessica, a young couple who recently planned their engagement shoot in the small town of Kelly, Kan. only to have it interrupted by one of those famous midwest thunderstorms.

Of course the lovebirds and their photographer, from Salt and Pine Photo, decided to turn lemons into lemonade -- which resulted in one of the most enchanting engagement photos we've ever seen. Here's their story:

The day started out fine; the couple was all smiles, stealing kisses on Jeff's family farm.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

Then, the storm clouds came in, ominously looming overhead.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

The rain began to pour down on them -- but Jeff and Jessica powered though it.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

Their photographers Joe and Darryl thought an outfit change might give the rain a chance to stop -- and it did for a minute.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

But then the rain had other plans and became a full on downpour, soaking them head to toe.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

That allowed the photographers to capture this magical photo.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

And this one -- all of which would not be possible had they gone inside.

Credit: Salt and Pine Photography

If this engagement shoot is any indication of their marriage, we have a feeling this couple can weather any storm thrown their way.

[H/T SnapKnot]

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