09/26/2014 08:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is What Happens When A Bull Crashes Your Wedding

We've seen giant sea turtles, a herd of deer and even Bill Murray crash wedding shoots -- but never have we seen a crasher quite as scary as this:

Rachel Deane / Finishing Image Photography

This rather frightening-yet-beautiful photo was shot in Tamworth, Australia by Rachel Deane of Finishing Image Photography who tells The Huffington Post the whole ordeal ended much better than it looks -- all thanks to a rather brave groom.

"The groom really just took him on," Rachel explained to HuffPost. "He charged back towards the animal, which actually startled the bull, and then Brian [the groom] was able to chase it back up the paddock."

Rachel Deane / Finishing Image Photography

Well folks, apparently, chivalry is not dead!

To see the entire series of photos, which includes more of the groom's epic charge, check out the slideshow below.

A Bull Crashed Their Wedding Shoot

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