09/26/2014 01:58 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2014

Author Caitlin Moran Reminds Us Why We Need Gender Equality With Her 5 Rules Of Feminism

British author Caitlin Moran boasts some awesome feminist credentials, including a quick and simple definition of feminism.

In an interview with HuffPost Live on Sept. 25, Moran set us up for her "five" rules of feminism, but only listed three: "1. Women are equal to men; 2. Don't be a dick; 3. There are no more rules." For Moran, that's all there really is to it. Who says you need five rules?

She went on to explain that given the exponential diversity of women across the globe, establishing a few basic principles of feminism sets the groundwork for promoting equality without alienating anyone:

"There's going to be 3.3 billion different kinds of feminism because there's 3.3 billion kinds of women," Moran told HuffPost Live. "We all have different concerns and hopes and fears, but I think we're all united by the belief that we want to be equal to men or that men are equal to us."

Moran admits she understands why some women shy away from the term feminist because of the outdated, and inaccurate association with a "man-hating" stereotype. She goes on to clarify however, that "men need feminism just as much as women do." The equality of all genders includes women and men.

Watch the rest of Caitlin Moran's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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