09/27/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Congress Runs Away From Obama's War On Terror Twofer

So, that happened: The long-promised airstrikes on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria began this week as uninterested members of Congress crossed their fingers and left town. But not before they held hearings on whether the Secret Service could have done a better job protecting the White House from a guy with a pocketknife. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama's attempt to crack down on tax dodgers was challenged by the conservative canard-waving ... Bill Clinton?

Listen to this week's "So That Happened" below:

An index of key moments in the discussion:

00:51 - ISIS: "War Were Declared"


10:37 - Clinton vs. Obama On Tax Inversion

bill clinton obama

19:30 - The White House Jumper

white house

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