09/28/2014 11:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

World Pet Day Helps Support Animal Charities In Cutest Way Possible

There's no better feeling than coming home at the end of a long day to the unconditional love of a family pet. They shower us with slobbery kisses, offer endless snuggles and even talk back sometimes when we tell them about our days.

Sunday marks the inaugural World Pet Day, celebrating all of the happiness our furry friends bring to us and calling on devoted pet owners to donate to organizations dedicated to fighting animal cruelty.

According to the folks behind the holiday, approximately 7,000 domesticated animals die from abuse in the United States each year, and far more suffer from such abuse. Participating in this celebration not only allows us to make new memories with our best pet friends, but also helps those who need it most.

PVBLIC Foundation, +SocialGood and Klooff -- a social media site designed for sharing moments with pets -- banded together to help increase awareness and raise money for domesticated animals affected by cruelty and abuse. It starts with visiting the World Pet Day website, taking a selfie with your pet, sharing the postcard online like these below and then asking three friends to follow suit.

You can then donate to the Humane Society International from World Pet Day's website, or to these other organizations that support World Pet Day's mission.

  • The ASPCA works to not only rescue animals from abuse, but also pass humane laws and offer resources and support to animal shelters across the country.
  • Compassion Over Killing is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization that has worked to end animal abuse since 1995.
  • Friends of Animals is a nonprofit international organization that aims to protect animals across the world from cruelty and exploitation.
  • In Defense of Animals is an international advocacy and rescue organization that protects animal rights, welfare and habitats.

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