09/29/2014 03:06 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2014

Madeleine Turpan Celebrates 102nd Birthday At White Castle On Long Island

Maybe Harold and Kumar had it right.

A Long Island, N.Y., woman turned 102 years old last week, and she celebrated the big day with a meal at one of her favorite local dining establishments: White Castle.

As part of the celebration, Madeleine Turpan was inducted by the fast food chain into its Craver's Hall of Fame.

"She credited her longevity to a glass of wine at dinner and, she said, 'eating at the Castle -- the White Castle,'" nephew Eugene Nifenecker told Newsday.

Turpan, a former dietician, told CBS New York that she's been eating at "the Castle" once a month for 80 years.

Eat properly, it’s very important,” Turpan told the station. “And this is where the good proper food is, too. One of these days I’ll ask them how they make that hamburger but I’ll never match it, I could never match it.”

"The best birthday I've ever had," Turpan told ABC News.

Along with wine and White Castle, Turpan also enjoys sleep.

"Now that I'm in my hundreds, I spend most of my time taking naps," Turpan told Newsday. "I'll take a nap after every meal. Even if I just got up, had my breakfast, I gotta have a nap for half an hour."

Her nephew said Turpan went back to school at the age of 75, earning a bachelor's degree in philosophy. More recently, Turpan said she wanted to donate her body to science.

"She said, 'Why am I 100 and still have all my marbles and some people don't. Maybe this will help future generations," Nifenecker told Newsday.



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