09/29/2014 11:40 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2014

Dunkin' Donuts Is Giving Away Free Coffee For National Coffee Day

Monday is National Coffee Day and McDonald's, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts are trying to making sure you celebrate properly by giving away free coffee.

Dunkin' is giving away a free medium cup of its new Hot Dark Roast Coffee at participating locations, but there's something a little off about the "new" aspect of it. Probably because you've had this kind of coffee before.

John Costello, Dunkin’ brands' President of Global Marketing and Innovation, said in a press release that he sees the introduction of the Dark Roast as the right move at the right time for Dunkin': “As the nation’s coffee leader, this is a big step in reinforcing our coffee leadership and our commitment to offering our on-the-go guests unique coffee choices and varieties."

Costello also said the new addition to the menu "dark roast done right," but it's still unusual that a company that calls itself "the nation's coffee leader" is just offering a dark roast now. Starbucks has offered their dark roast since 1971, and even has a reputation for almost too-dark roasts. Krispy Kreme also has its own form of the dark roast.

While we're still excited about the free coffee, it's worth noting that a company like Dunkin' is reverting to a basic cup of joe. In a world of Pumpkin Pie Coolattas, Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccinos and other crazy coffee concoctions, have customers finally had enough?

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