10/01/2014 10:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Sneaky Ways To Keep Yourself In Check At The Grocery Store

By Corrie Pikul

Our best and worst eating habits start in a grocery store, says consumer behavior expert Brian Wansink. But his tiny tweaks can change the way you eat (and have nothing to do with buying low-fat over regular).

Brian Wansink, PhD, is the Cornell University professor who coined the term "mindless eating" and did countless studies to prove that small shifts make a huge difference (he's the one who told us we eat 96 percent more when we're with a group of friends and we serve ourselves 22 percent more when the color of our food matches our plate). Wansink's hotly anticipated new book, Slim By Design, is packed with research that shows how we can change the way we interact with our environments to make eating healthy a no-brainer. First stop: The grocery store.

5 Things We Had No Idea We're Doing Wrong at the Grocery Store

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