10/01/2014 02:56 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2014

Intimate Portraits Capture Life Inside Moscow's Dorms

Photographer Pascal Dumont traveled across Moscow to capture intimate portraits of student life in the Russian capital.

Published in the Moscow Times, the series "Dorm Life of Moscow's Students" puts the familiar cheap utility of college dorms on display. The rooms Dumont visited are occupied by young students from Russia and abroad. They told the photographer of life within the facilities, from the strict curfews to their favorite places to sneak a smoke. "Many said that while communal life is hard as space is limited, social life is great and costs are cheap," Dumont writes on his website.

But while the peeling paint and friendly faces of the residences give the images a feel analogous to western colleges, complaints of flammable exposed wiring and roaches offer a window into the unique challenges for some students in the city.

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