10/02/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2014

This Woman Is Helping Other Cancer Patients Find A 'Silver Lining'

While undergoing treatment for cancer, no matter how bad things got, Hollye Jacobs always made a point to look for the silver lining. Then one day, she found herself on the floor of her bathroom, because she was too sick to get from her bathroom to her bed. She asked herself, "Where's your silver lining now?" Almost immediately afterward, her dog came over and cuddled up next to her, and her husband came in and sat down on the floor with her.

Jacobs, the author of a guide to breast cancer, The Silver Living, joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressey-Tehrani to discuss how finding these silver linings has helped her through the recovery process.

"They both gave me the comfort and the hope that I needed so desperately in the moment," said Jacobs. "Finding a silver lining is all about hope and balance and perspective to get through the most difficult of times."

Now, Allstate Insurance is giving away free copies of Jacobs' The Silver Lining Companion Guide to anyone in the U.S. diagnosed with breast cancer.

Check out the clip above, and catch the full conversation on HuffPost Live.