10/02/2014 03:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

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Dee and Gordon Head had been sleeping in their car with their three dogs when what some may consider divine intervention knocked on their window.

"The other day, I asked God to send us some angels," Gordon, who is 75 years old, told Fox 13 News. "And they started showing up."

To Brandi Dussing, the couple's situation is unacceptable. Last Monday, Dussing, her sister and some friends had been grocery shopping at Walmart in Hudson, Florida, when they spotted the couple sleeping in the parking lot. After approaching them and learning their story, Dussing insisted she buy some food for Gordon, Dee and their dogs.

The elderly couple have been in their current predicament for the past several weeks, after moving from Texas for a job opportunity. Gordon told the news source a prospective position in construction fell through, and -- even though he and his wife receive social security -- their incomes aren't enough to provide for a roof over their heads. Gordon, who served in the U.S. military, said he can't access his veteran retirement benefits.

But a full belly for one day wasn't enough to satisfy the good Samaritans. The women launched a YouCaring page to raise money for Gordon and Dee. The page raised more than $14,550 from more than 350 supporters.

"[Dee] has such swollen feet from not being able to stretch out," the page owner wrote. "[Gordon] has had heart surgery in the past and shouldn't be living in a car, especially at his age."

Help from supporters near and far are giving the couple, who had been "devastated" by their circumstances, new hope.

"Thank you all so much for your donations," the page organizer wrote, also noting the couple is in need of temporary homes for their dogs. "We have raised more then ever imagined and this will all go to [Dee and Gordon] getting a house and bills paid."

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