10/02/2014 10:16 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2014

Pizza Shop Owner Delivers Above And Beyond

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Tommy Wynkoop owns Fox's Pizza Den, a pizza shop in a small Pennsylvania town, but the do-gooder delivers much more than fresh pies. In Ligonier, the winters are harsh and the snowfall creates an obstacle for his community, so one day the entrepreneur decided to use his resources to help those in need.

In early 2014, a storm hit the area and people were warned to stay off the streets. Even though residents were told not to go outside, his delivery staff still showed up to work, proving that they were dedicated enough to brave the elements for their job.

Then the idea of helping locals in need struck him. “We put a [post] on our Facebook page," he said. "[It read] 'If you should happen to be disabled, and you can’t get out of the house and you should happen to need your medications. Call me.'"

Since then, Wynkoop has delivered prescriptions all over town and is now known for his delicious pizza and his magnanimous spirit. "I’m a firm believer of 'you get out of it what you put into it,'" he added. "If you’re good to your community, your community is going to be good to you."

In the future, the business owner hopes his acts of kindness will motivate others to be generous with their time and efforts, too. "I try to inspire people to do what’s right, and if I can sit down with two people or one person and I can change them to help other people, then I’ve achieved my goal."



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