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Mandy Colten said she usually eats clean. So you can imagine why consuming 5,000-6,000 calories a day on all things fried, sweet and savory at the Minnesota State Fair left her "bogged down" and "just a little bit slower."

She didn't overindulge in hopes of conquering an insatiable appetite, though -- she chowed down for a good cause.

Colten ate all 93 menu items at the fair that were served on a stick during the Falcon Heights event from Aug. 21 - Sept. 1. She said she accomplished her goal by eating between 10 to 16 different items from various vendors each day, according to CBS Minnesota. Colten took a picture of each snack she consumed, sharing the images and updates on social media and the challenge's website. By spreading the word on her unique goal, the Twin Cities woman was hoping to raise awareness and funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation allows children in the U.S. with life-threatening medical conditions to live out their biggest wishes by funding trips, experiences and projects around the world. The organization, which grants a wish to a child roughly every 38 minutes, strives to make each wish match the child's "idea of a perfect day," according to its website.

Colten -- who kept a list of all the foods she conquered, including deep fried s'mores, chicken nachos and teriyaki ostrich -- even took time off work to commit to the challenge.

"You only live once," she wrote on the challenge's website. "I love food and I love the fair and I can. So I am asking you, 'Why not do it?' ... If I can raise money for a good cause and do something I love, it seems silly to not do it."

After finishing her last food on a stick item, Colten said her sluggish moods were well worth the experience:

"Folks I haven’t talked to in years reached out to offer support," she wrote on the challenge website. "It has truly been overwhelming the amount of love I have felt throughout this challenge. Not only have people been sending messages and saying hello at the fair, they have also been supporting with generous donations. I cannot say thank you loud enough."

To learn more about Colten's challenge, visit her website. To donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit the organization's website.

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