10/02/2014 12:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Video Will Instantly Remind You Just How Magical WiFi Really Is

Every now and then, we get reminded of just how quickly we get accustomed to amazing technology.

When Apple introduced its new mobile payment system and smartwatch last month, their wireless and WiFi capabilities were taken for granted. But at a different Apple event 15 years earlier, the very idea of WiFi completely blew people's minds.

At the New York Macworld in 1999, Steve Jobs unveiled the iBook, the company's colorful new portable computer. Then he told the crowd he had "one more thing" to show them: Not only could this iBook surf the web, it could do so wirelessly.

The crowd went bananas, as you can see from the video below from YouTuber thinkingbricks, who filmed the event from the crowd with a zoomed-in hand-held camera.

It's nauseatingly shaky, but it does a slightly better job capturing the crowd's freaked-out reaction than the official Apple video of the event (which begins about 58 minutes into that video).

To prove the WiFi worked, Jobs picked the iBook up and walked around with it while browsing the web. A camera guy stalked along behind him to show it was working.

Just to be sure he got his point across, Apple's founder then used a hula hoop to assure the crowd that there were no invisible wires connected to the iBook:

(h/t Consumerist)



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