10/02/2014 07:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

22 Times Mixing Tech And Alcohol Was A Really Bad Choice

Drinking this weekend? Do yourself a favor and avoid technology at all costs. Because no matter how hard you try to abstain from texting while drunk...

...somehow your drunk self finds a way to send something totally embarrassing.

Sometimes even to yourself.

Like, hours later.

The point is, you probably have zero restraint when inebriated.

You might even end up getting engaged by accident.

Or you might just flat-out make no sense whatsoever.

If your phone runs out of battery, that's probably for the best.

Let's just hope it happens before you send that drunk email... to your teacher.

Or your students.

It's really just not helpful for your career in general.

Getting around is way easier with a smartphone, but it does still require some navigational skills.

Things get weirder when you're in front of an actual computer, though... especially if you have Photoshop.

And suddenly, the only limit to online shopping is your drunk imagination.

drunk onoine

Look familiar?

Somebody actually bought this online while drunk.

On the flip side, a text to your friends just might save you.

text shopping

But it's Craigslist that you really want to avoid.

And sticking fake mustaches on your TV can only be the result of drunk inspiration.

Sometimes it's even the technology itself that seems drunk.

This streetlamp had one job.

Bet you didn't know spell-check could slur its words too.

It's OK, you tipsy machine. We've all been there.