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12 Autumn-Themed Names For Babies Born This Season

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In most places, fall is in the air and trees are rehearsing for their dramatic color-change show, with its basket of red, gold and brown-toned name possibilities. If you’re seeking an autumn-themed name, there are also harvest goddesses to consider, and astrological and gem-of-the-month possibilities. Or you could just name your baby Autumn.


lucia moniz
Beloved character Aurelia in "Love Actually"

The golden tones of turning autumn leaves are reflected in the meaning of Aurelia, “the golden one.” One of the fastest rising names of 2013, Aurelia has a history spanning from the mother of Julius Caesar to a character in "Love Actually." A big Nameberry favorite, users rank it Number 39.


kate winslet titanic
Actress Kate Winslet gave her son the middle name Blaze.

The perfect word to describe fall foliage in all its glory, this modern version of the French Blaise has been catching fire, especially for boys. Kate Winslet used it as the middle name for her son Bear.


bruna abdullah
Actress and model Bruna Abdullah

Bruna means "brown" in Italian, and brown in general is a very autumnal color. While brother-name Bruno has had a presence in the US, Bruna’s been totally neglected. Another option is the diminutive Brunella -- for anyone seeking a fresh ‘elle’ name.



It's apropos via sound rather than sight -- think of a crisp autumn day following the heat of summer -- and also St. Crispin’s Day (as referenced in Shakespeare’s Henry V), which just happens to fall on October 25th. Crispin, which means “curly-haired,” is the name of Egyptophile wizard Crispin Cronk in Harry Potter.


emma thompson gaia
Actress Emma Thompson and her daughter Gaia

Pronounced GUY-a, this is the name of the Greek mythological Earth goddess, associated with the harvest, along with Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest. An underused name akin to Maia and Kaia, Gaia was used by Emma Thompson for her daughter and by J. K. Rowling for a character in her novel The Casual Vacancy.



The botanical form of the Norwegian Leif, this is one of the nature names used within the creative Phoenix family -- it was the boyhood moniker of the actor we now know as Joaquin. Definitely has a nice, autumnal feel and could make a cool middle for either gender.


libra scale
Scales symbolize the Libra sign

One of the few usable astrological sign names, Libra spans the period from late September to late October, and has the attractive connotation of balance and equilibrium, as well as liberty. There is a male character named Libra in DC Comics’ Justice League of America, but it seems pure girl to us.



The maple tree takes the prize when it comes to dramatic fall foliage. Maple has only recently come onto the baby name radar, as its rich sweet sound and arboreal reference made it an instant possibility. The Jason Batemans named their little girl Maple Sylvie.



The autumnal flower name Marigold has a quirky, sunny, vintage, story-tale feel. The symbol of the Virgin Mary, Marigold has featured in both children’s and adult books, was the name of one of Winston Churchill’s daughters, and was worn by a child on the TV show "1600 Penn."


octavia spencer

Though October is the tenth month and not the eighth as the name would suggest -- it was the eighth month of the early Roman calendar. The related name Octavia makes a more distinctive substitute for the mega-popular Olivia, rich in ancient Roman history, with a modern appearance in "The Hunger Games" and ties to Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer.



In addition to being the name of a pungent spice, saffron is the hue of orangey-yellow-tinged autumn leaves. English actress Saffron Burroughs is a current representative of this name, which rates at Number 368 on Nameberry. We’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.



Topaz is the glowing golden birthstone for the month of November, a name sizzling with its final ‘z’. The other autumn gemstones are Sapphire for September and Opal for October and the alternate Citrine for November.

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