10/03/2014 09:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

23 Ways Your Grandparents Are Better At Technology Than You

Face it, grandparents are catching up to these fast-moving technological times, and they're looking pretty cool while they do it.

1. They will drop a Facebook status for literally no reason at all.

2. They're better at sharing Facebook photos too.

3. They know the lingo and use it better than you.

4. Even if they might occasionally exaggerate.

5. They're not afraid to use text messages to speak the truth.

6. Even if they sometimes don't actually know how to text.

7. They can tell you where Oklahoma is without Googling it.

8. But still use the technical jargon.

9. Oh, and their selfie skills...

10. Well, let's just say they're probably better than yours.

11. And by "probably," we mean "definitely."

12. They've got you covered in the cooking department, too.

13. And with life-advice in general.

14. Like this gem for when you can't see what you're typing.

15. They are all about the new "voice text" feature.

16. They get across all the details.

17. Even the ones you'd rather not know.

18. Because after all, they want the details, too.

19. And grandparents don't mind dabbling in a little virtual reality.

20. Even the cutting edge stuff.

21. But most importantly, they know that technology is best for staying connected.

22. Even if that means accidentally pretending to be an old school rapper.

23. Yes, grandparents are suddenly a whole lot cooler than you thought.